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Avaya leads the Telecommunications market in IP Telephony. To understand what it means to be the leader is understanding the significance of converging traditional telephony systems onto a computer network to create an enterprise-level communications network. And doing that doesn't mean throwing out previous investments made in other telephony systems' hardware. The Avaya way avoids forklift upgrades and reaps the benefits of all of the new IP-based features and functionality available right now in the IP Telephony world.

Converge, communicate and compete by putting
communications at the heart of your business.

IP Telephony, the Avaya way, focuses on using existing telephony resources to build a vibrant communications network that enhances productivity. An Avaya AURA Communication Manager system includes all the familiar features — Voicemail, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding, to name a few — as well as many new exciting features that will impress, such as the Presence feature, which indicates at a glance whether coworkers are available to take a call and the "follow me" feature, which lets a telephone number ring at whatever location a person currently is within the company's network, whether in the same city or across the country.

Avaya has just released a new suite of applications that are sure to be of interest to the Avaya Voicemail user community:
  • Conference calling (on the fly- up to 128 parties)
    Avaya conference phones offer sophisticated, easy-to-use communication solutions for small to large companies. Superior voice quality technology ensures clear transmission during meetings, so participants don't miss any of the discussion.

  • Mobile Collaboration — Linking your mobile device to your office PBX
    Mobile collaboration is vastly different from traditional video conferencing. It encompasses wireless, cellular and broadband technologies enabling superior collaboration independent of location, device or format.

  • Call Reporting (cradle to grave- great stats for managers)
    A fanatic focus on customer service is critical for growth in today's competitive business climate. Squeeze the most out of every customer interaction by consolidating data collection, reporting, and analysis through the call reporting capabilities Avaya technology giving your business an edge in customer interaction and day-to-day performance.

  • Call Recording
    As technology is changing and working habits become more mobile, communication is becoming critically important to a growing business today. Call recording and forwarding capabilities provided by Avaya technology gives your business the tools to compete.

  • New VoIP phones
    Avaya offers a new line of IP phones to extend the power of IP telephony over a wireless network. Totally scalable, this new line of IP wireless telephones are built to provide productivity enhancing features such as conferencing, corporate directories and many more business-enabling features.
If you or your clients need information on the latest apps from the leader in IP Telephony, AVAYA, just give TRISTAR a ring. In addition, through the Avaya Partner portal, there is is wealth of customer Case Studies, PDF's, and Support documentation, should you need it. Remember: TRISTAR is here to be of service to you!


Customers need reliability, and Avaya delivers it. Avaya has been ranked among the leaders in the 2010 METAspectrum for Enterprise IP Telephony report. According to the report, users considering a converged network are anxious to gain a simple-to-manage, business-driven architecture at a cost that is competitive with their current expenditures. Avaya's AURA Communication Manager can help accomplish this goal. It does it today in over 1 million companies around the world. And it supports over 90% of the Fortune 500.

In the end, customers are not alone, as the expertise and professional services of TRI-STAR will deliver the results needed. But don't take our word for it. Read the words of our many satisfied customers. Converge, communicate and compete by putting communications at the heart of your business. Explore the possibilities with Avaya AURA Communication Manager and TRI-STAR. Call 800-211-6200 to find out more.







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