Avaya IP Office:  Growth From 4 to 1,000 Users.


The Avaya IP Office is redefining how business communicates.  The IP500 is the latest advancement in IP technology from Avaya, the market leader.

Below are links to several sets of telephones, modules and cards for the IP Office

Avaya 9508 Digital phone
Avaya 9608 Digital phone
Avaya 1408 Digital phone
Avaya 1416 Digital phone
B179 Conference phone
9641G IP phone
Avaya 1603 IP Telephone
Avaya 1608 IP Telephone
Avaya 1608i IP Telephone
Avaya 1616i IP Telephone
Avaya BM32 Button Module
Avaya 5410 Digital Telephone
Avaya 6408D Digital Telephone
Avaya 9620L Digital Telephone
Avaya IP406 Office V2
Avaya IP500 Control Unit v2
Avaya IPO500 VCM32

IP Office combines high-end voice and data applications and professional business voicemail systems normally reserved for large enterprises with easy-to-use tools that allow the smallest of businesses to deliver cutting edge customer service.

  • Full-feature PBX with full IP functionality. Delivers hundreds of telephony features.
  • Support for wide range of terminals. Analog, digital, IP headphone and IP wireless (Wi-Fi), and IP DECT.
  • Conferencing. Built-in conference bridge for 1 or 2 (IP412) 64-party conferences.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP). Optional Voice Compression Module supports 4, 8, 16, 24 or 30 simultaneous Voice over IP sessions.
Avaya has unveiled to the Avaya Voicemail user community a new collection of applications designed containing a suite of exciting features:
  • New VoIP phones
    Avaya has released a new, advanced line of IP phones to expand the power of IP telephony over any wireless network. Smartly scalable, this new line of Avaya IP wireless telephones provide productivity-boosting features such as conferencing, corporate directories and many more business-centric features.

  • Conference calling (on the fly- up to 128 parties)
    Avaya conference phones offer advanced, easy-to-use-enable communication options for small to large businesses. High quality voice technology provides clear transmission during meetings, giving participants the audio luxury of "almost being there".

  • Call Reporting (cradle to grave- great stats for managers)
    A keen focus approach on customer service is how the smart business person gets an edge in today's competitive business world. Leverage the most out of every customer interaction by consolidating data collection, reporting, and analysis through the advanced call reporting features Avaya technology offers. Give your business an boost in customer interaction and day-to-day performance with Avaya.

  • Mobile Collaboration — Linking your mobile device to your office PBX
    Mobile collaboration is vastly different from traditional video conferencing. It uses wireless, cellular and broadband technologies providing business-enhancing collaboration independent of location, device or format.

  • Call Recording
    As technology moves forward, work habits become more splintered, rapid, efficient communication to match is critically important to business success. Call recording and forwarding capabilities provided by Avaya technology gives your communications a solid footing.

If you or your clients need information on the latest apps from the leader in IP Telephony, AVAYA, just give TRISTAR a call at 800-211-6200 — or send us an email with your needs. In addition, through the Avaya Partner portal, there is is wealth of customer Case Studies, PDF's, and Support documentation, should you need it. Remember: TRISTAR is here to be of service to you!

Customer Relations Management (CRM), Computer Integrated Telephony, VoIP, Voicemail, Unified Messaging, VPN Support and a full range of other communications tools have all be integrated into this cost-effective platform making it one tool required to meet all the communications needs of the small-to-medium enterprise.

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