Avaya Definity

Avaya Definity phone systems are one of the most advanced communications systems in the industry. These exceptional systems provide enhanced call center solutions, greater security, improved flexibility, business voicemail solutions and enhanced management control. In addition, the Avaya Definity phone system is perfect for large companies and medium companies looking to grow.

  • Growth to 29,000 ports
  • Supports digital, analog and IP
  • VoIP — Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Network to dozens of other locations

Avaya Definity Enterprise Communications Server (ECS) is ideal for large locations of 200 or more employees and for companies with multiple locations. Avaya Definity can be sized to provide the capacity you need today, and scaled to continue to support your needs as your business grows and changes. Avaya offers a large selection of IP Phones compatible with the Definity and Unified Communications.

The Avaya Definity ECS platform offers an upgrade-ready processor, a high-level operating systems, uniform software, open interfaces and distributed processing. All major hardware is housed in multi-carrier cabinets (holding up to five carriers), stackable single-carrier system or wall-mounted cabinets.

At the heart of the Avaya Definity ECS is the Processor Port Network (PPN), which is the master controller of the system. The Expansion Port Network (EPN) contains line and trunk ports, and provides seamless growth capabilities. The Avaya Definity system's unique universal port hardware allows any type of port circuit pack — station, trunk or service — to be installed in any available slot.

Avaya Definity ECSr can support a total of 44 port networks: one PPN and up to 43 EPNs. Avaya Definity ECSsi can support a total of three port networks: one PPN and up to two EPNs.

Definity ECS Maximum Stations Maximum Trunks Maximum Ports
ECSr 25,000 4,000 29,000
ECSsi 2,400 400 2,800
ECScsi 500 400 600

TN2793 — 24 Port Analog
TN2793B — 24 Port Analog
TN793 — 24 Port Analog
TN793B — 24 Port Analog
TN793CP — 24 Port Analog
TN464F — DS1
TN464GP — DS1
TN464HP — DS1
TN2464BP — DS1
TN2464CP — DS1
TN429D — Direct Inward Dial

MM Modules

TN2302AP HV3 — Media Resource
TN2302AP HV11+ — Media Resource
TN2602AP — Media Resource
TN2224 — 24 Port Digital
TN2224B — 24 Port Digital
TN2224CP — 24 Port Digital
TN799C — C-LAN

System Administration Terminals
Max900 Terminal — 715 GBCS-2
715 SAT Terminal — 715 BCS

Power Supplies
631DA1 AC Power Unit
631DB1 AC Power Unit
649A DC Power Unit
650A AC Power Supply
WP-91153 Power Unit
1217A AC Power Supply

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