Avaya TN2602AP Media Resource 320

Avaya TN2602AP Media Resource 320, #700261928

The TN2602AP IP Media Resource 320 provides high-capacity voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) audio access to the switch for local stations and outside trunks. The IP Media Resource 320 provides audio processing for the following types of calls: TDM-to-IP and IP-to-TDM - for example, a call from a 4602 IP telephone to a 6402 DCP telephone; and IP-to-IP - for example, a non-shuffle conference call. The TN2602AP IP Media Resource 320 circuit pack has two capacity options, both of which are determined by the license file installed on Communication Manager: 320 voice channels, considered the standard IP Media Resource 320; or 80 voice channels, considered the low-density IP Media Resource 320. The IP Media Resource 320 is compatible with the SCC1, MCC1, and G650 media gateways (G650 is preferred). It is not supported in CMC1 and G600 media gateways. It is supported by Avaya Communications Manger R3.1 or higher. Only two TN2602AP circuit packs are allowed per port network.








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