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When it comes time to choose a telephone system for your business — and every business is going need one — there are a lot of strong reasons to go with an Avaya voice mail system. Of course, the process should always start with a close and careful consideration of the needs of your business, and how each potential solution will meet those needs. You should be asking yourself how many employees at your office need their own voice mailboxes, what types of messages they will be receiving, and what features they will require in order to properly deal with those messages. There are many voice messaging providers out there, and the options can seem endless and confusing.

TRI-STAR Telecommunications works with many of the top business voice messaging providers. For a large percentage of our small business and corporate clients, Avaya voicemail systems are ideal for their needs. An Avaya voicemail server from TRI-STAR Telecommunications provides the capacity to support not only the users you currently have, but your projected future needs as well. It will have not only the features that you will use today to manage and improve your everyday work flow, but the ability to add whatever new features you need to grow your business appropriately.

Avaya has been providing phones, phone servers, and voicemail servers for many years, and they have built a powerful reputation for continuously creating innovative products designed to the highest standards. They continuously refine their services and features against the needs of their most demanding clients, resulting in products that are on the cutting edge of the telecom industry.

As an example, Avaya voicemail servers' call forwarding setup allows workers to easily update their current location with a ten-second call, and then uses that information to direct a caller to whatever line is appropriate for their current location. That's normal — but Avaya's voicemail system will also update each worker's location automatically based on hour of day, day of week, preprogrammed holidays, and even manually added vacation time.

Furthermore, Avaya voicemail systems offer industry-leading Unified Communications options such as voice to text software that allows users to receive voice messages in their email inbox or even via text message on their cell phones. This software is even available in more than a dozen languages, making it ideal for international businesses or businesses with a strong ethnic client base.

All of this comes alongside all of the basic functionality of a strong voicemail system. Avaya voicemail products come with features like an automated attendant, interactive voice response, whisper announce, automatic fax redirect, and many others.

If you order your Avaya voicemail system from TRI-STAR Telecommunications, you receive our unmatched customer support, the lowest prices on the market, full warranties, and access to an international network of certified technicians that can install, maintain and repair your new voicemail system.

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