Avaya Communication Manager

Avaya Communication Manager is a powerful series of enhanced telephony software that delivers industry-leading intelligent call processing plus improved network security, reliability, and extensibility — all while reducing your communications costs and providing a flexible, converged voice and data network and utilizing the capabilities of your current communications system. Avaya Communication Manager enables you to empower your office with IP telephony when and where it makes the most sense for your company.

TRI-STAR Telecommunications offers Avaya Communication Manager as part of our drive toward Unified Communications — simplifying communications while simultaneously expanding them for maximum strategic value and competitive advantage. Avaya Communication Manager will help you connect people, work flow, and applications throughout your enterprise and across the globe.

Avaya is at the forefront of the latest wave of innovation in the telecommunications field, serving elite customers that require superior technology to meet their advanced needs. Avaya Communication Manager is one of their tools of choice for providing integrated business communications applications, reducing dependence on proprietary third-party systems and increasing efficiency through greater internal communications consistency and minimized redundancy.

Avaya Communications Manager presence-enables every device on its network, exchanging presence information freely and thus optimizing communications as passively as possible — reducing the time required to complete transactions. Furthermore, Avaya's portfolio of user agents and smart devices eliminates peripheral applications, reducing management costs and increasing productivity by creating consistent functionality across all platforms.

Avaya Communication Manager's optimized route selection algorithm enables the system to split signaling and bearer signals in a distributed network over a narrowband connection. This results in a network with normalized access, eliminating the need for an infrastructure upgrade to realize the power of a converged communications solution, and saving 40% to 60% over a solution that does require such an upgrade.

With the flat structure of the converged communications network, Avaya Communication Manager provides PBX-like call routing intelligence to the IP telephony environment and connecting your customers to the appropriate extension without necessitating the continuous intervention of a live operator. The result is a dramatically improved level of customer satisfaction and a differentiated experience that will build your brand with every caller.

As part of TRI-STAR Telecommunications Unified Communications initiative, Avaya Communication Manager allows communications to be embedded into business work flow, supporting interoperability through a vast network of partners, providing flexible support for almost any application on almost any network. TSAPI, JAPI, CSTA, and Web standards are all freely supported, along with the latest SIP standards, SIMPLE presence and instant messaging extensions. This allows seamless voice integration into partner applications and gives the flexibility necessary to integrate a myriad of third party end points and applications.

Avaya Communication Manager will reduce communications costs, simplify business management, and dramatically increase the avenues available to support your business operations and work flow. With scaling available from 2 through 36,000 users on a single system — and more than a million on a network of linked systems — even the largest corporations can acquire the performance they need from Avaya and TRI-STAR Telecommunications. To learn more, give us a call at (800) 211-6200.









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