Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Systems
When it's time to look into business phones for your office, there are a couple of things that are obviously important—and a couple more that might slip through the cracks if you're not careful. At TRI-STAR Telecom, we want to make certain that every CEO, entrepreneur, and everyone in between knows what to look for in their business telephones. Here are the four rules you need to know when you're shopping for business phone equipment:

Go Modular
Make no mistake—the right phone system for your business can be a bit of an expense. A small business, or even a medium-sized business with a tight budget, can benefit a lot from a telecommunications company that can find the right phones to fit your budget. The wise choice for all but the largest corporations is to go modular—that is, invest in business telephone systems that will grow as your business grows. It might cost slightly more up front for a quality modular system, but in a few years when you need to upgrade, you'll save an incredible amount of money by only needing to add a few components to your system and not having to replace it entirely.

Size Matters
Every businessman has heard the saying—if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That's why TRI-STAR's staff is prepared to discuss the exact nature of your business with you, so that you can choose the best option from our selection of small business telephones. If you don't map out where you want your business to be, you'll end up buying a phone system that won't match even your mid-term needs, much less the long term. It's a careful balance to be struck between getting a system that's big enough to handle your future needs without getting sold on an oversized, overpriced system that will be more than your business will ever need.

Call waiting. Call forwarding. Voicemail. Speed dial. Hold. Auto attendant. Interactive voice response. Caller ID. Speakerphone. Conference calling. Videophone. Message on hold. VoIP. The list of features that modern business phone systems offer access to is stunning, and you need an expert to talk you through them and decide which ones are actually going to be vital for your business.

When it comes to business telephone systems, there is one easy way to tell whether a system is going to be reliable enough that your business can depend on it: the brand name. Unlike most other industries, when it comes to telecommunications, you have three groups: established brands that make the best of the best, innovative new brands that can give you something no one else can, and junk.

At TRI-STAR, we have a staff of telecom experts to help you decide the very best business telephone system to fit your budget and meet the needs of your business. In addition to unmatched customer support, we also offer the lowest prices available-up to 50% off the product manufacturer's price-and we will connect you to an international network of certified technicians that can install, maintain and repair your new phone network.

To learn more about business telephone systems that may be right for your company, get in touch with us today at (800) 211-6200.









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