Octel Voice Mail

Octel Voice Mail

It's something that companies of all sizes take for granted today-that classic telephone answering system created by Octel we call voice mail. Once known as VMS (voice messaging system), voicemail has evolved into an entirely different animal than when it was created in the 1970s. At heart, though, it's still basically a centralized system for storing and manipulating telephone messages.

At Octel, voice mail has grown far beyond just recording a message in a recipient's mailbox. Besides being a completely mandatory feature on everything from cell phones, VoIP services, corporate PBXs and mini-PBXs and even come consumer-grade telephones, voicemail has been integrated into a variety of other networks and mediums as well.

The three basic aspects of Octel voicemail are all vital to its function. First, the system provides a user interface that allows the recipient to select, play, and manage messages. Second, it provides a delivery method by which the deliverer can leave a message and the recipient can actually receive and understand the message (usually it's a speaker, but not always!). Finally, the system has to have some way of alerting the recipient that a message is waiting for them. The process is so basic to modern users that it's hard to imagine that at one point this was high-tech—even revolutionary—thinking.

The creation of voicemail revolutionized the business world as it improved the flow of communication and thus improved work flow—saving corporations thousands of dollars per employee as redundant work was eliminated and messages were promulgated more effectively through the office. Eventually, the technology spread to personal use and today is so common place that most Americans have multiple voicemail systems at use in their personal lives—one on their cell phone, one on their home land line, and one at work.

Today, however, Octel voice mail in the corporate world has become just one part of a larger whole. Modern computers can translate between voice and text in either direction, using voice-recognition technology to turn a voice mail into a document or a fax into an audible message. In a phenomenon known as the "one-inbox revolution", many modern corporations are making the move to modern Octel voice mail systems that can direct voice calls, email, fax, and even text messages all to the same online inbox for maximum efficiency.

Octel may have been the company that introduced the world to the concept of voicemail nearly four decades ago, but that doesn't mean that they're old school. Modern Octel products remain as cutting edge, as powerful, and as useful to modern businesses as their original releases.

We at TRI-STAR Telecommunications are proud to be licensed Octel dealers. We offer all Octel voice mail products, backed by our industry leading customer support, extended warranties, and the best prices in the market today-up to 50% off the product manufacturer's price. We also provide our customers the option of same day shipping, and access to an international network of certified technicians that can install your voicemail and provide regular maintenance and repair. To learn more about Octel Voice Mail, call us today at (800) 211-6200!









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